There was a farmer who had three daughters. The youngest was very, very, very, very, very ... verybeautiful. The middle daughter was very, very, very pretty and the oldest daughter was ugly. One day a traveling salesman stopped by at the farm house and asked if he could spend the night. "Ooooh," said the oldest daughter. "Do you really think we should? Father isn't at home and what would the neighbors think?" The middle daughter said, "Oh, who cares. We know nothing is going to happen." And the youngest daughter just smiled and ... played with her hair and something or other ...

Well, after the three sisters talked it over they decided to let the young man, who by the way was very, very, very handsome, stay the night. After they had showed him his room and they were on their own way up to their beds the oldest sister stopped them. "What if he does try something? I mean, shouldn't we have a code or something?" "Oh, like a secret word?" asked the youngest sister. "Yes, a secret word." said the oldest sister. "But what should it be?" "I know!" said the middle sister, rather excitedly. "For every kiss he gives us we will say the word 'Morning' when we see eachother at breakfast." "Wonderful idea!" said the oldest sister and the youngest sister just smiled and checked her nails or something like that.

Well, off they went to bed and the next morning, when they came down to breakfast the youngest sister was already in the kitchen making breakfast. When the middle sister entered the room she said to the youngest sister, "Good morning, this morning. Fine morning, what?" The youngest sister replied with, "What a wonderful morning this morning is! I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful morning like this morning! It truly is a morning of all the mornings I have had in many a morning!" And the oldest sister walked in and said, "What a lousey day ... "