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If you haven't heard of Dave Allen then you are TRULY missing out on some of the BEST humor this planet has to offer! Dave Allen is the BEST "sit-down" comic ever! His jokes are funny, witty, silly and just plain GREAT!

When asked what he had in his drinking glass (he always has a "high ball" next to his chair) "Is it whiskey, rye or scotch?" He simply replied ... "Yes."

Dave TV

Read some of Dave Allen's funniest stories (he is the world's greatest story teller) and follow his career (yes, he's still performing!) and his Bio there will be photos and all that I can possibly find on him added as I find it.

So stay tuned and get ready for some LAUGHS from "bloody 'ol England's Best"!!*

If you have any info on Dave Allen or just want to let me know what you think of this page, you can email me.

You can get PAL videos of Dave's shows at: Black Star Video.

For videos in NTSC format (for America and Canada), try: UK Stuff.

Thanks and "May your god go with you" (Dave Allen)

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* (This statement generates a lot of comments by reminding me that Dave Allen is Irish and not English. This comment isn't meant to imply that he is English but to say that England's *best* is Irish! Thank you.)